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Story search -FOUND

FOUND The Dragon's Egg by Rebel Vale on FFnet


Looking for a dramione story. My phones battery died before i could bookmark it. Hermione and Draco was in a secret relationship to protect her he has to oblivate her so she cant remember their love. He and hermione asks harry to help them that when the war is over to tell hermione the truth. Harry and Draco make a vow. But he goes back on his word. Harry, ron and dumbledore decide to do a spell or something like that to make her believe she loves ron. Hermione remembers and confronts harry. He says he thought it was for the best.

Thats all i remember i hope someone can help me.

An Advent Calendar in 24 Spells

Hello everyone!

I had an idea that I now opened up as a promt challange on AO3.
I would love if any of you want to join in with an Harry Pottef story or 3. ;)
The idea is to write 24 small stories surrounding a certain spell, Harry Potter and winter/advent/christmas. The story can be in between 100 to 10 000 words. So anything from a small drabble to a full fledge multichapter story.
You can find the Challange here:

It would be great to make this a real advent calendar for the readers. Should any spells be left over I'll write something for them.

The following Spells are open to your choosing:
1. Dez: Alohomora
2. Dez: Evanesco - Vanishing Spell
3. Dez: Stupefy
4. Dez: Lumos
5. Dez: Repro claimed
6. Dez: Muffliato
7. Dez: Riddikulus - Funny Boggart Spell claimed
8. Dez: Avis - Hermione's bird conjuring Spell ;)
9. Dez: Waddiwasi - Remus Gum shooting Spell
(10. Dez: Aquamenti - Water Spell) claimed
11. Dez: Draconifors - Dragon Transform Spell
12. Dez: Illegibilus - Writing is unable to be read Spell
13. Dez: Orchideous - Flower Conjuring Spell
14. Dez: Appare Vestigium - Tracking Spell claimed
15. Dez: Rennervate - Reviving Spell
16. Dez: Arresto Momentum - Slowing Spell
17. Dez: Nebulus
18. Dez: Colloportus - Locking Spell
19. Dez: Crinus Muto - Hair Transfiguration Spell
20. Dez: Aparecium - Revealing Charm
21. Dez: Capacious extremis - Extension Charm (don't we all want Hermione's bag...)
22. Dez: Expecto Patronum
23. Dez: Nox
24. Dez: Finite Incantatem

Sign up for a Dramione fest with a difference -- your prompts are assigned to a partner whose prompts are assigned to you; they make a gift for you whilst you're making a gift for them, and the gifts are posted in pairs -- duets!

Click the banner for more information.

Story Search

Hey Loves,

I'm in search of an unfinished fanfic set in medieval times I think. Hermione was the daughter of a Lord and she was given up as a sacrifice to a dragon who turned out to be Draco Malfoy. He hoards his wealth in a cave and eventually they start falling in love. I think it was only 5 chapters long.

There's another one where Hermione teaches Draco about muggle society and in the end he ends up disappearing.


Looking for story

Looking for a story for a friend.

Looking for a complete multi chapter fic Harry asks Hermione and Draco to get engaged than married to help unify the wizarding world

In the fic draco and harry are both trying to get a quidditch team where all the best players trying to get on.

Hope someone can help my frien

Fic Search

I was wondering does anyone know what happened to the stories "A Dowry of A Single Galleon" and Baby steps by Bunney. Does anyone have a copy? mypetconcubine@gmail.com

Another Dramione Fic Search!

Hi all, first type posting, long time avid Dramione reader (brought back to the Dramione folds by that Insta vid of Tom & Emma on a skateboard & holiday blues).

I'm usually very good at searching the Internets and finding fics on my own, but I have to admit that this one is hard because my memory is failing me. If you can help, I'd be eternally grateful.

Vague summary: the fic was very, very well written, had plenty of smut, and was split between the present (post war?) and the past (during the war - through flash backs). Hermione and Draco had been involved during the war but she didn't seem to have these memories anymore. I think Ron? Or Harry? Or both? knew she was involved with him and knew she had erased these memories however because Draco had gone crazy?
In the flash backs: Draco reads Marquis de Sade? Becomes obsessed with the idea of submission / keeping Hermione to himself and separating her from her friends. Starts to go insane.

And that's about all I remember. Not the clearest summary but if it rings a bell, please let me know!

Searching for a fic

Searching for a dramione AU where both Draco and Hermione are police detectives at New Scotland Yard. Thank you :)

Hello everyone, 

I have this story on my tablet about a deaged Draco and the main story has been written for more than a year already. Now I reread it a few days ago and it still feels unfinished. 
So I hope you guys can help me out with a few ideas.
What do you think would or could my innocent three year old Draco do to drive Hermione crazy? She's watching over him after his little self fell in love with her right away and decided to scream whenever she isn't around. 
I'm looking for any crazy, cute or funny stories involving kids that age, that could happen to Draco too.

Thank you and greetings

Fic Search

I'm trying to remember the name of a story that I'm pretty sure is a Dramione. Post-Hogwarts, Post-War. Hermione is at home and Snape and Draco show up at her door, having been attacked by Greyback. They have been in hiding and don't realize they've been cleared. Later, they go visit Narcissa, whose memory has been wiped. She has remarried and has a daughter. Snape tries Legilimancy, but she has no memories of her previous life, including Draco. Draco gives her daughter a protection pendant before they leave.

Anyone know the story?  Thanks!!

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