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12 December 2011 @ 09:00 am
Final HP_Kinkfest Prompts List  
Prompting now closed for this event & prompt claiming starts tomorrow. They had over 500 prompts total - woo! HAVE FUN!

I've compiled all of the prompts that are either specifically Dramione, or are Dramione/other, or prompts that indicate any witch or wizard could be used for the kink listed. Here they are thus far:

Warning: list contains profanity/some hardcore sexual ideas & image URLs.

Couple/Pairings to satisfy the prompt
Suggestion for the prompt
Prompt #

Acomoclitic (Hairless genitals)
Go with it however you want.

Hermione loses her memory and must re-learn everything. Draco is on hand to help but what will he teach her?

Amnesia & Pregnancy Sex
She loses her memories, and he has to help her remember how they got married - and to remind her that she is HAPPY to be carring his child.

Anal Sex
After a disagreement, Draco decides to bend Hermione over the desk and give her a proper buggering.

Betrayal (Sabotage & Brainwashing optional)
Dark!Hermione & Dark!Draco. Either Hermione was captured by the Death Eaters and has been utterly brainwashed or she has always been dark and was planted in the Orders path.

Blackmail Sex
He's a thief. She knows who he is and won't let him get away with it without paying some sort of price - to her. Can be Hogwarts Era (canon or A/U) or Post-Hogwarts, EWE.

Blackmail Sex
He caught her doing something she oughtn't that would land her in SERIOUS trouble if it was made public. His price for silence is her submission - one night, anything within reason goes. They negotiate the terms of her sexual servitude. Can be Hogwarts Era (canon or A/U) or Post-Hogwarts (canon or EWE). I picture a very erotic night of uninhibited, sensual sex - soft bondage, light spanking, collaring, sex jewelry, use of food, vibrating toys, mutual masturbation, use of exotic oils, dress-up, strip-tease, sex in different positions & places (not just a bed), perhaps voyeurism with a mirror or exhibitionism in front of a window. Depending on their age, can be a loss of virginity for either of them. Spice it up by adding a Lust Potion/Spell so they can go at it for hours and hours. Want very hot, descriptive sex! Would love it if you included an epilogue with what happens afterwards between them.

Chasing, Take-Down, Capture
Takes place in the forest.

Dub-con & Loss of Virginity
Draco's taken his issues with Muggle-borns out on Hermione for years. Hermione thinks it'd be fitting if she took something from him as well. Virgin!Draco, Dub-con instigated by Hermione. Maybe after the first time, he keeps on going back to her for more? Love to see Draco feel conflicted/filthy/addicted by all of this.

Fertility Rituals
Draco/Hermione + as many others as you want (moresome group)
Every year in the spring, they come together to worship the connection between man/woman and god/goddess in sex. Bonus if any become pregnant (male or female) during the ritual. Draco and Hermione don't have to be in a relationship - they can be part of the hook-up.

Fertility Rituals
EWE - time frame up to you. Luna and Pansy both guarantee Draco's fertility sex ritual (Lorcan/Lysander & Pansy's son are all his as a result of the ritual). Hermione really wants a baby - bad enough to consider sex with Malfoy. Infidelity optional (or Hermione could be divorced/single and want a baby). You decide if it's a one-off or the beginning of something more. Create a unique and sexy ritual. Bonus if it includes bathing together in some fashion.

Fetish: Assplay
Draco loves Hermione's ass, and Hermione loves Hermione's ass. Let the appreciation begin! Rimming, fingering, buttplugs, penetration, whatever is okay. Any rating. Consensual, please.

Fetish: BDSM
After the war, Hermione and Draco are no longer enemies but not quite friends (neighbors maybe?) Hermione is snooping in his apartment and finds some BDSM equipment, Draco catches her snooping and "punishes" her.

Fetish: BDSM
She loves him more than anything; she will do anything for him and she would never ever leave him, no matter what he makes her do.

Fetish: Blood Play (Menstruation)
Draco/Hermione, Draco/Hermione/Harry, Draco/Hermione/Ron
Girl is horny. Period!sex ensues. Guys get off on it. Blood as lube.

Fetish: Body Paint
See video for details (it's an ad, so it's safe for work): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kf4ufAwdCao. I'm looking for an excuse for sexy body paint, and an excuse to shower it off. Smoking hot scene preferred. Shower optional. Another idea for body paint - one of the pair is the artist.

Fetish: Bondage (Bukkake)
What the kink says.

Fetish: Bondage (Hand Constraint)
Actual bondage scares him/her, but having his/her lover's hands circling his/her wrists and holding them in place with this determined grip, this perfect embracing pressure... that was another thing altogether.

Fetish: Clothing (specific kind - see prompt)
Hermione has a rather extensive collection of wedding dresses and Draco is more than happy to have sex with her while she wears them.

Fetish: Clothing (specific kind - see prompt)
Mismatched bra & underwear turn-on. Her boyfriend shows up unexpectedly at her flat during "me-time" and discovers he's even more turned on by her comfort-only look than her carefully coordinated designed-to-please/seduce-him outfits.

Fetish: Cross-dressing
Mutual cross-dressing in which both Draco and Hermione participate (I keep seeing them in formal wear...).

Fetish: Dom/sub
After the war, Draco wants to make up his behavior towards Hermione in every way possible. Dom!Hermione, Sub!Draco, consensual relationship.

Fetish: Dom/sub
Once a week, Draco pays Hermione to let him service her on his hands and knees. He goes down on her, but she rarely touches him and never lets him come. Historical AU that plays with class differences, or Voldemort Wins!Dystopia AU.

Fetish: Dom/sub
Draco/Hermione/Harry, Draco/Hermione/Severus
"No one can serve two masters." Hermione disagrees.

Fetish: Exhibitionism (specific plot - see prompt)
Wet t-shirt or wet shorts contest. She never imagined she would be involved in such a depraved exhibition, but surely so far away from home no one will ever know?

Fetish: Exhibitionism
Draco/Hermione/other Slytherin boys
Hermione's become frustrated being the "Gryffindor Princess" and finds a way to unleash her naughty side a little: flashing her bits to unsuspecting Slytherin boys. And even if they tried to tell, who'd believe them?

Fetish: Face slapping (Voyeurism & Role-play optional)
Draco/Hermione with Pansy and/or Astoria
I'd love some femme-slash here (maybe Draco's a voyeur or restrained), and I don't care who gets slapped! Consensual, please, though roleplay is a-okay.

Fetish: Fingers
The first time he saw her eating an Edible Dark Mark (a Weasleys' Wizarding Wheezes product), he thought she was patronizing him. But, when she ate one while straddling him, he finally clued in. I'm purposely leaving the prompt vague--it can be fingering or licking food off fingers, wherever the writer wants to take it!

Fetish: Fisting
Nothing felt better than how full taking his/her fist made her feel.

Fetish: Food
He loves decorating her nipples with chocolate sauce, sprinkling sugar on her lips, watching her take strawberries a bite at a time from his hand. He loves lapping champagne out of her bellybutton, and licking heavy cream from between her thighs…

Fetish: Food
Using this NSFW image (http://synamatiq.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/blow.jpg?w=400&h=300). Can lead to actual oral sex if you want.

Fetish: Foot
There's just something erotic about her tiny, delicate, well-maintained feet that makes him want to touch, massage, and kiss them.

Fetish: Hard Sex
The man finds out (by accident?) that the woman likes to be fucked so hard and deep that it hurts, and now he tries different positions and angles to get the best impact. Or: All of the boys she's had could not satisfy her needs; what she is looking for now is a man who is equipped enough to give her what she craves.

Fetish: Infantilism
Draco/Hermione/any male of your choice
He needed someone to take care of him, and he/they were more than happy to give that to him.

Fetish: Knife-Play (Blood-Play optional)
The receiver finds the feel of a cold blade a huge turn on, so much so that he or she can actually come just from the feel of it slicing into skin. Blood-play also could be worked into this.

Fetish: Nipple Play
Whipping, clamps, crops, pinching, slapping, stimulation of any kind, magical fun, no actual damage, please, and hopefully intense pleasure!

Fetish: Oral Sex (Deep-Throating)
It's nice to suck cock, to be in control of the partner's pleasure... but it's nicer to have said partner's hands gripping you hair and using your mouth for his pleasure.

Fetish: Pegging (Exhibitionism optional)
Hermione and Ginny love to dominate Draco. Bonus points for them taking turns to have sex with Draco in front of other people.

Fetish: Pegging
Het relationship, relaxed Dom/sub, if you like! Not humiliation.

Fetish: Piercings
Hogwarts A/U or Post-Hogwarts, EWE (author's choice). He asks if he can pierce her nipples. She agrees. Use this NSFW image for reference (http://allstarbodyart.com/Body_Piercing_Galleries/piercing_19112.html)

Fetish: Roleplay (Kidnap Fantasy) & Threesome
It would be awesome if Draco or Harry was the one with the fantasy of being "kidnapped." And you could really work the suspense... Just please don't sideline Hermione in the threesome.

Fetish: Roll-play (Rape Fantasy)
Hermione's ashamed of one of her fantasies, and Draco's intrigued.

Fetish: Scars (Magical Creature Biting optional)
Hermione has always been intrigued by the scars left on his arm from the Dark Mark as well as his scars on his face and chest from the Sectumsempra curse. Draco just as intrigued by her many scars as well, even the one left on her neck...

Fetish: Sex Doll
Draco is attracted Hermione but can't act on it or feels that he can't because of her blood status or any other reason. So he creates a magical sex doll in her image. Hermione finding out can be an option.

Fetish: Sex Toys
Hermione lost a bet with her husband. Draco decides to collect the win making Hermione wear sex toys at work.

Fetish: Sex Toys
Draco/Hermione/another witch (author's choice)
Any and all toys, the more the merrier! Specifically ones that have been enchanted to do things of their own accord.

Fetish: Smoking (plot specific - see prompt)
Smoking a cigarette or a cigar during an interrogation. Smoking & the snarky responses become a sexual stimulant for one of them.

Fetish: Spanking
Harry and Draco have been in a relationship for a few weeks, and they're more than experimental in their love life, and Hermione mentions spanking is one of things that gets her hottest. Draco doesn't think that he would be able to do that to Harry, so Hermione steps in to demonstrate.

Fetish: Squirting
Multiple orgasms for Hermione.

Fetish: Swinging & Voyeurism & Exhibitionism
Draco/Hermione with any/all of the following couples - Harry/Ginny, Ron/Pansy, Ginny/Blaise (mix-n-match)
Draco has discovered that he likes watching his Hermione have sex with their friends. He likes it when she watches him swing, too.

Fetish: Voyeurism
Her wizard makes her watch in the mirror what he does to her in bed. Author get as kinky as you'd like. Sky's the limit!

Fetish: Voyeurism
She has no idea she's being watched, that's she's the object of an obsession.

Fetish: Voyeurism & Exhibitionism (Strip-tease)
She's learned how to seduce me with the tiniest roll of her hips, in the slow unbuttoning of her blouse, and the slide of silk across her naked body. I can't help but watch. She knows I do it, too. It's our little secret.

Fetish: Watersports
You would make me extremely happy with either panty wetting (someone needs to pee desperately but can't/musn't go and wets his/herself) or the humiliating aspect (someone pees on a kneeling person, or pees into said person's mouth). Or what about "I'm marking my territory"?

Fetish: Wax
There's just something so arousing about hot wax touching skin…

Fetish: Whipping (Crop)
Write/draw about more than just the fact that you can spank someone with a crop. Think about the leathery smell, the caresses with the soft tip... Go wild!

Draco/Hermione with as many of the same gen Slytherin/Gryffindor men as you want (mix-n-match)
Draco gives his wife/girlfriend/mistress, Hermione, her greatest fantasy: 24 hours of non-stop sex for her 30th birthday. Guys can go it alone with her, or double/triple/more team-up at the same time - author's choice. Make each experience unique and HOT, author. Suggested inclusions (use any or all): blindfolding, multi-penetration (double, triple), spanking, soft bondage (ribbons, velvet ropes, or scarves), collaring, Dom/sub (Master/slave role-play), dress-up, strip-tease, breath play, sex toys (vibrating wands, anal beads, French ticklers, feathers), sexy use of food (berries, heavy cream, wine, champagne, chocolate, ice cream, etc.), shaving the pubic area together with oil (make it a sexy experience, not gross), wall!sex, shower!sex, bath!sex, pooltable!sex, leathercouch!sex, balcony!sex, window!sex, outdoors!sex, pianobench!sex, stairwell!sex, garden!sex, exhibitionism (one guy shags her while the others all watch, but don't participate). Author decides if the other men involved ever reveal themselves to Hermione as her mystery sex partners or not after the fact or during the event.

Gender Role Reversal
Incorporate these words in the story: silk, parchment, Sunday, aquamarine.

Healing Sex
Rape recovery.

Illegal Use of Drugs & Sex
The Quidditch World Cup comes around again, and it's time to celebrate. Oh, look! Someone brought a bag of weed to the party... Go as hot as you want in the hook-up, but the couple you pick can't have been in an established relationship before this time. See this as a comedy of sorts.

Infidelity: Consensual
Draco and Hermione are happily married, but they both want more. Hermione agrees to become Draco's cuckquean and allows him to take Pansy as a girlfriend and for Draco/Pansy to shag in front of her.

Infidelity: Non-consensual
Hermione/Ron established but not happy. Hermione giving in to temptation. Open ending is fine, but I'd prefer naughty/wrong infidelity that doesn't rip my heart out.

Intentional Impregnation
A/U-7th year (Voldemort exists, but the war hasn't started yet - is coming at the end of 7th year). One of the wizards listed above has been ordered by the Dark Lord to impregnate Mudblood Hermione Granger to get her out of the way and to upset Harry Potter. Consensual sex or Dub-con sex or non-con sex - author's choice (i.e. does Hermione have a relationship with one of them in secret and he takes advantage of that one night to do the deed, or does he seduce her one night, or does he use a potion on her, or does she hate the person in question and he rapes her and somehow figures out a way to force her never to speak of it?).

Magical Creature (Vampire) & Master/Slave
Their past is completely forgotten once Draco turns Hermione, she is exceedingly loyal and always eager to please her Sire. Like how a cat brings home a mouse as a gift for its master, Hermione might like to bring Draco pretty little girls for supper.

Marriage Law & Infidelity
Draco/Hermione with Draco/Astoria, Pansy, and/or Daphne
Draco and Hermione married because of a Ministry Marriage Law. She's fallen in love with him, but he hasn't fallen for her at all. He intentionally and cruelly cheats on her with Astoria and/or Pansy and/or Daphne. Hermione hears/sees him going at it with these other women. Author invents the ending: does she leave him finally & move on, or does she cheat on him to get even (how does he react to that), or does she continue to suffer in silence?

Marriage Law (Loss of Virginity & Sex Jewelry optional)
Draco may have forgotten to inform Hermione about a couple (or more) of obligations Malfoy's brides have to oblige to. Bonus points for Hogwarts 7th year scenario. Ideas: - Hermione choosing Draco as husband only 'cause - known or unknown to her - he put her in a position in which she "had" to choose him. - Possessive!Draco (Obsessive!Draco is fine too) who likes to show off his wife and how much she is his (especially in front of those he feels like a threat to their relationship - Harry or Ron, ie). Maybe something about those obligations give him the means to his goals. - Innocent!(/virgin!)Hermione is fine too. - Sex in classrooms is nice (alone or during lessons alike). - Everybody knows Malfoy's brides wear jewelry. Maybe not everyone knows they wear them over and under their dresses.

Master/Slave & Collaring (BDSM, Exhibitionism, Public Humiliation optional)
A/U. The war is lost and Muggle-borns become the pets of pure-blood families. Hermione is bought as a present for Draco by his parents and he soon discovers she loves the collar and lead. Bonus points for more bondage, dirty talk, public sex or public humilation.

Master/Slave & Non-con/Dub-con (BDSM optional)
A/U where all Mudbloods are slaves. Whilst browsing the local Mudblood Market, Draco sees a rather attractive one in stock. This is such a rare occurrence that he snatches her up immediately, and only realises once he's handed over the galleons just how much of a pain she's going to be. She won't accept her place in society, and Draco plans to teach her it.

Master/Slave & Non-con/Dub-con
The war has been lost and Draco manages to claim as reward Hermione and Ginny both (previous relationships with one or both of them optional). Bonus points if he manages to make them cat-fight to win his attention.

Master/Slave & Non-con/Dub-con (BDSM optional)
A/U where Harry wins the war and some of the younger Death Eaters/DE supporters are put in the custody of Harry and his friends in the hopes that they'll be taught the error of their ways.

Master/Slave & Public Humiliation (Exhibitionism optional)
Draco has his Slytherin and Death Eater friends round for the evening, and uses his wife Hermione as the entertainment. It would be great if they were in a consensual Master/slave relationship and she was doing both service and sexual tasks at Draco's command.

Master/Slave (BDSM, Whipping/Spanking, Public Humiliation optional)
Master/Slave fic with the woman as the Master. Consensual, humiliation, dirty talk, spanking, whipping, bondage, go wild. No scat/watersports please.

Mind Games: Begging
He/She has always been strong and stead-fast, but one comes along that will force him/her to break and beg.

Non-con (Spells/Potions Abuse optional)
He tells himself that he's doing it to make her suffer, but what he really wants is to feel her come around him. Non-con. Your call as to whether this is a forcible assault, Draco slipping Hermione something in her drink/food and taking advantage of their association and her trust, or something done to her with use of spells. They're definitely not in a romantic relationship together.

Non-con (Loss of Virginity optional)
Post-Hogwarts A/U - War drags on. Draco is a spy set within the Order by Voldemort. He's been watching Granger for some time now, as tasked. Tonight, he's going to have her, whether she wants it or not... and he'll kill anyone who tries to stop him. Dark!Draco. Innocent!Hermione (can be a virgin if you want).

Potions Use & Mpreg
The couple wants to see what it's like to have sex as each other, so here comes the Polyjuice Potion. After such a hot kinky night, Draco discovers he is carry their child. A happy but hormonal pregnancy. Bonus: see how a guy would take being pregnant - i.e. mainly worried that Hermione would want to be with someone else, or his unstable, horny hormones, etc.

Pregnancy Sex
Draco is having problems with chafing from catering to his wife's increased libido. Some Slytherin 'Sex God' he's turning out to be!

The world post war isn’t quite as easy as they thought it would be. Hermione struggled during the war, now she finds herself working as a prostitute. Draco could be her pimp, dealer, a customer, an Auror, etc.

He/she never expected to find him/her in Muggle Paris in a high class brothel, but he/she can't help but want them & buys their services. Anything goes - use your imagination. A/U fine. Must be at least a post-Hogwarts grad in age, though (no Chan). Extra bonus if it's hot, descriptive sex.

Prostitution (Rentboy)
Post-Hogwarts, EWE. After serving a few years in Azkaban post war, and losing all of his family's wealth & holdings in reparations, Draco is out on the street. Hermione sees him one night, and decides on a little revenge for his years of making her feel so low - she buys his services. However, over time, her obsession with renting this particular rentboy begins to take its toll on her. Author decides what the consequence is (i.e. she's going broke to pay for continual sex with him because she can't get enough, she unintentionally gets pregnant, she loses her friendships when they find out what she's doing, Rita Skeeter prints up an expose on her scandalous behaviour, etc.).

Public Humiliation
Public urination. In the Great Hall, the blood traitors cry so prettily after five goblets of water.

Sex Instruction
Draco/Hermione with Lucius/Narcissa
Draco and Hermione wed. Could be marriage law or consensual, however you want to get them there. They're having problems in the bedroom because of lack of attraction or inexperience. Lucius and Narcissa give them pleasure instructions. Could be to guarantee an heir or a Malfoy wedding night tradition. Bonus kink if they refer to themselves as Daddy and Mummy while instructing "the children." The level of physical sexual interaction between the two couples is up to the author if they don't want the parents to have too much of a hands on approach.

Sex Instruction & Unrequited Love
Hogwarts 7th yr.-A/U. They meet once a week in a hidden place in the castle, and he or she teaches her or him a new sexual trick every week (you decide which is the innocent, which the experienced one). One of them is in love with the other, and this is their only way of getting close to the object of their affection. You decide if they get together after or not.

Sexual Tension & Unusual Place for Sex
Hogwarts A/U or Post-Hogwarts, EWE (author's choice). The way she plays the piano moves him as nothing ever has. Make it romantic sex ON a piano.

Spell/Potion Abuse & Non-con/Dub-con
The end justifies the means is what he would argue should anyone ever find out, but he would still be lying. Simply put, he did it because he wanted to and because he could.

She hasn't seen him in years. He's a stripper at her friend's hen party. You decide if they hook-up after his performance (and the level of intimacy - is it just sex, or sex with the hope for more), or if he scoffs at her and walks away when she tries to pursue.

Banter in bed as a turn-on.

Established relationship with equal passion and romantic connection between the three of them.

Draco's owned his favorite Mudblood for years, and his best friend Pansy thinks that it's high time that he shared. Focus on Pansy/Hermione and Hermione/Draco rather than Pansy/Draco.

Threesome (Double Penetration)
(No extra prompt supplied by prompter - go with whatever you can imagine)

Time-Travel & Loss of Virginity
Post-Hogwarts + 20 years. Hermione steals the last working Time-Turner from the Dept. of Mysteries, and goes back to 6th year to try to stop Draco from fixing the Vanishing Cabinet (author invents a plausible reason why this is necessary). Instead, she ends up having sex with him, claiming his virginity (author, make this realistic somehow). Author decides if Draco remembers/recognizes what happened between them when she returns to the present (for the sake of this fic, the Time Turners work both backwards and forwards leading up to the moment of the person's jump through time).

Torture (specific - see prompt)
Body modification. Slaves are not perfect, but one can always cut off extra bits or attach some... spare parts, right?

The long, brutal war has hardened the members of the Order of the Phoenix. Hermione tortures a captured Draco for information. Can be sexual or not.

Transgender Sex
At least several years post war, recently sex transitioned Hermione (who is now male - decide on a new name) picks up Draco who does not initially realize he knew Hermione-Newname when they were in school. Sex ensues. Author's decision how to handle transman's anatomy, but I would love if it could be along the line of what it actually available today (surgical penis creation is imperfect at best, an some transmen don't bother with a neophallus at all) rather than a magical perfect penis.
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That is a really long and... creative list.:P

And wow, it's been years since I last wrote Dramione but I found a few I would really like to try!
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Do it! Do it! :)
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Commenting because this is awesome and I'm thrilled to be a part of this kinkiness.