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Originally posted at Dramionelove ~Love Fest~ 2014 - Master List and Reveals

Here is the long-awaited Master List and Reveals (authors & artists: feel free to post your fic & art elsewhere now):


Winners of the Fan Choice voting will come later tonight, as will the banners for Mod's Choice and Participants.

Congratulations to all on submitting some extraordinary pieces for this fest & thank you writers, artists, readers, and reviewers so much for making this fest a smashing success!

A gazillion and one 'thank yous' to the multi-talented, super awesome, amazingly wonderful
slytheringurrl for creating such gorgeous banners, icons, and pimping materials for the fest!!!! Please don't forget to thank her, folks!

Please let us know here in the comments below if you rec any art or fics elsewhere on the internet (your blog, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, CrackBroom Rec list, etc.). Supply a link, too, if you would, so the creators can thank you for your rec! :)

Let's keep the Dramione love going on for a long time to come, folks!
20 August 2014 @ 07:57 am
Title: Lost in the Middle
Author: starduchess
Reader: cee5
Pairing: Draco/Hermione
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5980
Podfic Length: 00:39:25
Warnings: angst
A/N: produced for the pod_together challenge

Summary: Draco received a shock about his parentage the summer after his father's imprisonment. He's now caught in the web of manipulations with no way out, but there is one small light in the darkness.

story and podfic at AO3


19 August 2014 @ 03:05 pm

Prompting is once again open at interhouse_fest! There's no friendship/pairing/polygon too gen, too rare or too popular for this fest and we would love to see more Dramione fic prompts!

: August 8 - 22
Sign-ups: August 25 - September 8
Due Date: October 27
Posting begins: November 3
08 August 2014 @ 04:16 pm
Hey there Dramione fans!

I have a question that I hope will generate some response and interest.

I just saw that there's a new SS/HG awards community. It got me thinking and wondering if there was anything going on in the Dramione world. When I was more active, years ago, there was a ton of stuff, but my friends list is rather quiet right now. It's possible that because I don't know where all the activity is these days, and if that's the case, TELL ME WHERE TO GO!

It's possible there just isn't much activity here on LJ. Also fine, tell me where to find it!

Or, there's just not much activity. So I'm curious. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE? Awards? Exchanges? Competitions? Art?

I know that I'd love to see a round of awards, since there's been SOOOOOO Much written since I was last here. I'd love to get a list of the best of the last few years together.

So, what do you say?
~ Floo
01 August 2014 @ 04:05 pm
Hello friends!

So the bad thing about being out of fandom and then suddenly inspiration strikes is that the people who used to BETA for me are ALSO out of fandom. So I need a beta for this epilogue I'm writing for "Heavy Lies the Crown." If it were simply a one-shot or a new story, I wouldn't be too worried, but ideally I'd want someone who read "Heavy" somewhat recently, so they could help with consistency. It's looking to be about 20K words, which I know is a BIG commitment. If you or someone you know fits this description, please comment here! Thank you!

26 July 2014 @ 12:21 am
I'm looking for the story were Hermione uses a time turner to go back and seduce Draco. I remember at the beginning she is polyjucied as Malfoy and she sneaks into hogwarts. At the end she goes back to her timeline and Malfoy asks if he'd finally caught up with the Hermione of his past. I hope this sounds familiar to someone. I'd really like to read it again. Thank you.
19 July 2014 @ 01:28 am
I'm looking for one fanfiction I don't remember the title. Draco saves Hermione- I think after Bellatrix's tortures, and when Narcissa finds out she helped him take care of her. I remember her saying to Draco something like "you did a proper thing but it's nothing good will aruse from this" I remember that Lucius also has nothing against and helped. Later he probably is under Imperius and finally died. Anyone know this one? Bests from Poland!
15 July 2014 @ 07:26 pm
I think I've requested the name of this fic before, but I lost all my fic book marks.

Hermione and Draco have been having an affair and she ends it then finds out she's pregnant. She's really close with Ginny and Pansy and her dad is a real jerk. Hermione has a car accident and I think Theo is her stalker...anyone help me out?
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